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Professional Pressure Washing Company Serving Frankfort, IL


Ask around in Frankfort about where to get exceptional pressure washing service, and the answer you're going to hear time after time is Crystal Clean Pressure Washing. We don't mean to toot our horns, but we have worked tirelessly to build a name for ourselves. We're proud to be a local leader in the exterior cleaning industry.

You can't beat our professional power washing, but it's just as unparalleled as our superior customer service. Add to that our commitment to Eco-friendly solutions, cost-effective cleaning, and a free initial quote, and it's no wonder we're a top-tier company.

We don't believe in shortcuts when it comes to taking care of your Frankfort home or commercial property, and you'll appreciate that in the long run. Give us a try and see for yourself how we've earned the flawless reputation we have.

Our Roof Cleaning Will Vastly Improve Your Frankfort Home Sweet Home

If you're a savvy homeowner, you already have your roof inspection scheduled for this year. You do this because you know how important a role your rooftop plays in protecting your home and want to keep your roof in tip-top shape. You may not realize that roof cleaning is also vital for the long-term care and conditioning of your roof.

The key is to make sure you choose to partner with a pressure washing company that doesn't necessarily use pressure washing to clean more delicate materials - like your asphalt shingles. We use soft washing, and this helps you to avoid issues like:

  • Leak and holes
  • Compromised or forcibly removed shingles
  • Water intrusion beneath the shingles
  • Water encroachment leads to mold then decay

Our cleaning solutions are environmentally responsible, so you don't have to worry about making green choices as a homeowner. Get a clean and beautiful roof without worrying about damaging the infrastructure or the Ecosystem.

Pressure Washing With Outstanding Results For Your Frankfort Home

Crystal Clean Pressure Washing is honored to get the chance to work with so many local customers, both residential and commercial. We offer the services our clients need the most, including but not limited to:

  • Residential Patio Washing
  • Commercial Parking Garage Cleaning
  • Residential House Washing
  • Commercial Fleet Washing
  • Residential Concrete Cleaning
  • Commercial Building Washing
  • Landscape Lighting

Contact us today to schedule pressure washing or soft washing for your home or business in the Frankfort area.

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