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Trusted Pressure Washing Specialists Serving Palos Heights, IL

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Crystal Clean Pressure Washing is a name you're probably already familiar with; we offer customers in Palos Heights superior pressure washing. We're honored to have the chance to work with residential and commercial clients. You can get a free quote today from a professional pressure washing company - it just takes one call or click of a button.

We're widely recognized for our Eco-friendly exterior cleaning solutions, but you'll also appreciate the sparkle and shine we leave behind. Our service and results are unparalleled because so go the extra mile to exceed your expectations.

If you own a home or business in Palos Heights, give us a call instead of continuing to procrastinate. We promise that you're going to love the way your exterior looks once we get done with your pressure washing.

Roof Cleaning For The Good Of Your Home Sweet Home In Palos Heights

One indisputable fact about your Palos Heights home is that the roof is a top priority. Keeping your roof in tip-top condition should be at the forefront of your to-do list, but that doesn't mean doing the work yourself. You'll need a contractor for routine roof inspections and our team for regular roof cleaning service. Just be sure that the company you hire for exterior cleaning doesn't use the same cleaning methods for all surfaces. Your roof needs to be safely cleaned with soft washing instead of power washing:

  • Thorough but delicate cleaning
  • Prevents trapping water beneath the surface
  • Avoid mold growth and rot development
  • Destroy algae molecularly so it doesn't return
  • No collateral damage during the cleaning process

Taking Care of Palos Heights Customers With Our Skilled Pressure Washing

Think about what you would choose if you had to pick a company that offers quality power washing or a vast quantity of exterior cleaning services to pick from. That would be a difficult decision to make, which is why Crystal Clean Pressure Washing won't ask you to make a choice like that.

With our exterior cleaning dream team, you get quality and quantity, and some of your service options include:

  • Residential Concrete Cleaning
  • Commercial Building Washing
  • Residential Roof Cleaning
  • Commercial Fleet Washing
  • Residential Fence Cleaning
  • Landscape Lighting

What are you waiting for? Please make the call today and learn more about our pressure washing services and how we can improve your Palos Heights area home or business.

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